Best 3 HCG Diet Drops compared

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Since the HCG products containing HCG were banned a few years ago, some new products found their way on the market, products that do not contain any HCG but which mimic the workings of this hormone and the supplements containing it. We were a bit skeptical about these products in the beginning but now that we have tried a number of them out, we can say that we were nervous without reason. There are some truly great HCG drops of this new generation out and these are the three that really caught our eye.

HCG Complex

HCG Complex is one of the most incredible weight loss drops that we have ever tried. It could easily compete with the old HCG diet pills and drops and it would still come out on top. In fact, this is the case with all of the HCG products that we are comparing in this text. However, HCG complex has really blown our minds with the effectiveness of the formula, with the meal plan, the ability to choose between three various programs and so on. We just love HCG complex and we would recommend it to everyone.

HCG Ultra Diet Drops

hcg-ultra-2Close behind, in the #2 spot is the HCG Ultra Diet Drops. Once again, we are talking about an exquisite HCG dietary product which is once again all natural and which produces incredible results. Our colleague who has reviewed it has lost more than 18 pounds in less than a month. What is more, he was able to keep his new weight to this day, more than half a year after his HCG Ultra Diet Drops course. His entire family is on the program now and they are all losing so much weight. And there have been no negative reports to this day about the product.

Better Than HCG

better-than-hcg-1In third place comes Better Than HCG, a product we were specifically apprehensive about, because of the name. It sounds like nothing more than a marketing quip, but it is actually a great product. One of the main selling points of this supplement and this program is the fact that the diet is limited to 1000 calories as opposed to 500 or 750 that you get with some other products. The greatest thing is that the results are still there, even with a diet that is far more relaxed.

These three are all exquisite weight loss drops (other hcg drops reviews can be found at that come with serious science and with serious meal plans that will allow you to lose a lot of weight in record time without feeling down or weak.

HCG COMPLEX 98/100 100/100 98/100 100/100 99/100
HCG ULTRA DIET DROPS 94/100 100/100 93/100 100/100 96/100
BETTER THAN HCG 92/100 100/100 95/100 100/100 95/100

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