A Detailed Review of  DAA Max Testosterone Booster Supplement

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DAA Max is a testosterone booster tailormade to naturally increase testosterone levels. But it is made of just one ingredient, will it help you attain high levels of testosterone? Some websites (you can find from Google) have reviewed it as a strong testosterone boosting supplement but I don’t think that is true.


  • All natural testosterone booster

  • Works on its own and when combined with other ingredients

  • Increases testosterone levels

  • Side-effects free


  • Contains only one ingredient.

  • Premium priced.

  • Needs to be combined with other ingredients to yield maximum results.

What exactly is DAA Max?

DAA Max is a testosterone boosting supplement manufactured by Vital Labs. D-Aspartic Acid is a naturally occuring amino acid that increases testosterone level in the body. This supplement is therefore tailormade to increase DAA level and stimulate your body to produce testosterone more rapidly.

Why You May Need DAA Max

Vital Labs claims that the product will reap the following benefits:

  • Strengthen your immune system

  • Naturally boost your testosterone levels

  • Increase metabolic rate in the body

  • Burn excess fats.

  • Increase strength and stamina

  • Boost your energy level.

The above benefits sound to be rather impressive. However, detailed information is necessary to help you know whether it is worthy spending your money on this product. However, this DAA Max full review will equip you with all the necessary information you need.

Who Should Use DAA Max?

According to Vital Labs, DAA Max is a strong testosterone booster that should be used by any man who is looking forward to gain the aforementioned benefits.

The manufacturers even go ahead to state that DAA Max will help you increase your testosterone levels by 45% in duration of just two weeks. That is a very bold claim. Am very impressed by the team behind this product because they have very high confidence with their product. But what makes this product to be as strong as the manufacturer claims it to be? I doubt if that is the case but let’s just dig deeper.

Does DAA Max Really Work?

After examining DAA we found it to contain only one ingredient; D-Aspartic Acid. But, can a testosterone boosting supplement with only one ingredient be as effective in increasing testosterone level as other commercial supplements on the market which are formulated by blending different ingredient? Clearly that is not possible.

The reason as to most testo-boosting supplements combines different ingredients in their formation formula is to incorporate multiple paths for raising testosterone levels. That way, maximum results are guaranteed.

However, there is no harm in using just one ingredient such as D-Aspartic Acid if you are sure of what you are missing or you have been recommended by a health practitioner to use it.

Basically, D-Aspartic Acid (DAA) is an amino acid naturally found in the body which is also found in different food stuffs that we consume regularly.

This amino acid regulates the production of testosterone in the body. The amount of DAA correlates with the time testosterone is synthesised and dictates the amount of testosterone that is released into the blood stream.

DAA is an ingredient found in most of the testosterone boosters on the market. It works best when combined with other ingredients. Nonetheless, a recent study shows that it can also work on well on its own at certain potency. In the study, 10 infertile men were given DAA for one month and recorded 35% increase in testosterone level after daily supplementation of 1500 mg of DAA.


DAA Max is a testosterone booster acclaimed to have worked for some men in raising testosterone levels. It is safe and effective but not the best choice for increasing testosterone level. It is also overpriced because it contains only one ingredient. For maximum results, we recommend you to consider the top 6 testosterone boosters in our list.