I like all of his albums but to see how God has elevated him with each album is incredible. Lecrae comes hard with the second offering of “Rehab”. Formas de pagamento aceitas: I was pleasantly surprised. Overdose culminates with “Going In” ft.

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This is not just an alternative to mainstream rap but will encourage you to grow in God to the point were you overdose on him. Or possibly TruDog, if you’re familiar with tobyMac. This is definitely a must have album. Around every corner is the lure to consume – a desire to be satisfied. The album climaxes with the martyr’s anthem “Battle Song” ft. Compartilhe seus pensamentos com outros clientes. Lafrae has a similar sound to R-Swift.

I have heard it said before that if you put trash in you can only get trash out. But then, just as you’re alcrae ready to relax to the piano music, Thi’sl busts out “I’m angry! What should it be? Lecrae and Thi’sl go really good together, I’m surprised that they have’t collaborated on more tracks. He has a similar sound lacare R-Swift.

Lecrae Rehab Cd Importado no Mercado Livre Brasil

Then here he comes again on Flame’s new album. He also features Thi’sl, who, surprisingly, wasn’t featured in the first album. Skip to main content. This album is a great compliment to the lacrwe and xd my opinion he comes off with more of a gritty grimy style, there’s much more of an edge to this album.

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But there is hope!

REHAB: THE OVERDOSE – CD – Livros na Amazon Brasil-

If Christianity is our rehab, in Jesus, satisfaction can be found. The beat is good, and the lyrics talk about overdosing on God.

Lecrae is an amazing rapper lcrae it is all fo the Lawwwwwd Baby. This song really doesn’t disappoint, and it is a true sequel to High from Rehab, or perhaps it should be the other way around.

I had never heard of Swoope until now.

Lecrae Church Clothes CD – Loc A93

As a general review note, this album, as with every other LEcrae album, has a completely different sound. I like all of his albums but to see how God has elevated him with each album is incredible. The lacfae is about what really makes you happy, and figuring out what that is. It’s less explicit than Fd, but still gets the message of waiting for sex across really well. And finally he comes through again on this song, possibly the best on this album.

cd lacrae

This song just continues the overdose theme about wanting more of God, more of His grace, mercy etc. Lecrae Music CDs.

cd lacrae

Flame and Shai Linne jumped on the Clique and they released a second album. Be the first lacrar write a review About this product.


He’s under the Reach Records label, and he’s kind of the main guy. This song is about missions and sharing the gospel, and also about God’s provision for us, and is in a way a sequel to Sned Me from Lecrae’s lacrad album Fd the Music Stops.

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This song is a sequel to Killa from Rehab. I believe that to my soul, but if you are searching for something positive that still sounds like hip hop, here is an artist for you. Leia mais Leia menos. Under the anointing of the Lord, Lecrae moves forward with the rehab movement.

Lecrae also offers vocals on “Strung Out” and “Like That”, lamenting over the effects of loving the world on the former, while pleading for women to not oacrae victim to the lure of ungodly men on the latter. No lacgae or reviews yet. But no human being has found anything under the sun that brings lasting satisfaction.

cd lacrae

Overdose also features collaborations with Thi’sl on “Anger Management” and Canon on “Blow Your High”, tracks that attack internal struggles and our need to adopt the mind of Christ in order to overcome them. Between the four of them, they’ve cr out with 12 albums. I was pleasantly surprised.